Spring makes me feel fully alive.  Long days are more manageable  the work is more bearable. A lifelong student, I’ve never known what it feels like to transition from spring to summer without the surge of joy and anticipation that comes with finishing another term.

I associate Vampire Weekend with warm weather and happy times in my mid-twenties. When listening to this new song of theirs, I’m reminded that while seasons are changing (literally and figuratively) and years are passing, I’m the same Rachel who dances to this music while cooking dinner. The same Rachel who rolls down her windows and turns the music up too loud when she drives.  The same Rachel who acts giddy like a child when the warmth of spring starts to wash over the days-and with it brings the anticipation of all good things soon to come.

Here’s to spring. Here’s to happy songs. Here’s to grabbing bright futures, but remaining young at heart.


2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Here’s to you… you give me thoughts of spring.
    For years and years you have been my thoughts of spring,
    seasons from toddling to trail-running. Your wonder has been my joy.
    Spring. I like the rebirth, though it’s gone on so many years now that it could be a liturgy of just repetition. But,the wonder in it is fresh each time. The wonder only grows.
    The dirt under my fingernails reminds me of my part.
    Thanks to you, Rachel, for all that your blooms bring to me.

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