hace muchas lunas


Sometimes I feel I’ve been lost in the world of academia for so many years that I’ve neglected to look up and really enjoy young adulthood. In some ways this is true. At least once daily I kick myself for not slowing down enough to journal or read something meaningful. I pack a lot into a day. And really, it seems I’ve packed a lot of milestones into 28 years. In a (another) bout of procrastination this evening, I sorted through some old photos from Costa Rica (2008). It made me smile to remember taking a month off work and school to enjoy bumming around Costa Rica in cabinas and cheap hotels. I was reminded that I’ve actually enjoyed more diversions than I feel I have at this moment- as I prepare for a hefty round of exams and the arrival of Baby Awesome. I hope to forsake work and the hustle and bustle of life periodically throughout my life for more “Costa Rican” summers.









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