I’ve spent more time at home this summer than I have years. At first, it took getting used to. It’s funny how I develop this love/hate relationship with having a full calendar and obligations away from home (an hour away, many days). Now, I’ve grown so comfortable with my new lifestyle that it’s a bit of a chore to even get to the supermarket down the street. [Truly, I have managed to cook entirely from the pantry and garden for the last week as a consequence. I really dislike grocery shopping, so that might play into it…]

Spending time at home has made me more aware of little projects and special things I can do with this precious time. For instance, I’ve become a regular at the local library- where I walk with my dog to pick up a book each week. I’ve found more time to cook healthy meals, and have been much more committed to written correspondence.

This week, I’m drawn back to the guitar – a “hobby” I briefly assumed last summer.  I’ve been moved by simple country sounds that meld beautifully with the rainy front porch setting with which I’ve grown so familiar of late. Maybe guitar, too, will be something I can re-visit during these special days at home? I do hope that one day I can casually play the guitar and sing to myself, my dog, or my little one if he’ll tolerate it.

I leave you with this song that has been on repeat all summer long due to its special meaning and classic sound.


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