Nostalgic Me

I’ll be the first to admit I get swept up in the sugary sweet sappiness of memories and nostalgia. This weekend’s cool weather has carried my mind back to the start of school year’s past (I’ve started school years many times in my 28 years). I’ve been looking through old photographs of times I’d nearly forgotten. Distracted by my growing belly, the excitement of so many wonderful surprises that lie ahead, and heaps of schoolwork to accomplish in the meantime, I’ve found it so easy to forget the “old me” and way I felt in other Augusts of my twenties.

This evening, Gillian Welch’s music has reminded me of August 2011- when I saw her and David Rawlings live in Boone with my sister. Just two Augusts ago I was getting into the rhythm of my doctoral program.  I was discovering a new town and exploring, with awe, these beautiful mountains which I called home for the first time. I felt so young, alive, and happy.


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