A Fall Wedding


My parents, sister Jessie and I went to a dear family friend’s wedding in Blowing Rock this weekend. I first met Deanne in South Africa, where she is from, in 2007. Our parents work together on township ministry in Mpumalanga. She’s a beautiful girl, inside and out, and her glowing nature was translated into the wedding atmosphere…

It was no doubt one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I’ve attended, despite being relatively “last minute” (they became engaged late June) and frugal. Deanne’s now husband, Ben, is an artist and had an eye for how to transform a friend’s backyard into a rustic fall wedding. There was so much joy in the ceremony, which my father led. Everyone enjoyed homebrews, wine, and cheese and bread from the local bakery (Stickboys). We ate a simple dinner and listened to heartfelt and funny toasts as the sun went down and twinkle lights went into full glow. Afterward, we danced in the carport (which reminded me of a Mozambican club) and had s’mores at the bonfire. It was a perfect night, further proof that the best weddings don’t need a lot of time and money; they are founded on community, love, and a little imagination.


Fresh fall flowers
kiss The bride kisses her groom.wedding table dinner

Everyone ate at rustic tables placed about the yard.

Dustene, the bride’s lovely sisterjess and anna

Jessie and our friend Anna who was down from NYCjessie

Beautiful Jessieme profileOne of the last shots of pregnant me. I’ll miss the little one’s kicks, but I’m eager to feel a bit more like myself again. 


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