Like mother like son


I wanted to start my first postings in the new year right. There’s so much to say—  much has happened in recent months and much excitement is to come in 2014. I’ve been plotting beautiful words to write for weeks now. Alas, I fear if I keep waiting for the chance to get those beautiful words out I’ll never write again. Instead, I’ll write about what I know in this moment…

Today was to be my first day working from home. Last night I went to bed excited about the new year, the new semester, and establishing some sort of rhythm or schedule in a home that has rarely heard those two words spoken inside its creaky old walls since I arrived. I envisioned sharpening a fresh box of pencils, dusting off my dayplanner, and setting about new business while my little one slept and played nearby.

Here I am…16 minutes past the close of a standard workday. I managed to address and post 5 letters and make one phone call concerning a bill. It’s been a day for rocking, bouncing, nursing, and cuddling the little one. Up and down he went…down into the crib, into his swing, into his bassinet. He would have none of it, wailing at the top of his lungs only to smile like a cherub every time I picked him up. It’s as if he knows that me and schedules aren’t simpatico and he’s saving me the trouble.

So that’s my story. My first post of 2014. My first attempt back at the ole blog.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something better.

But for today, schedules are for the birds and cuddling that tiny bear takes the win.

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