dans une autre vie

I’m enjoying this series and I think you will too…

This sounds silly, but from the age of twelve until some point early into college, I envisioned myself “grown up” living in a studio apartment in a bustling city, like Paris. In my imaginings, I was ever a single woman falling into innocent romances, sipping wine in my sweet little flat, and baking delicate macrons and artisan breads nightly. In high school I’d hole up in my room journaling, reviewing an old French textbook I’d found at the Goodwill, and listening to the likes of Paris Combo (….eschewing social activities (it’s true, I was a bore!)). My best friend at the time and I would spend evenings at the local coffee shop that most resembled a Parisian cafe. We’d order espressos and strong coffees and sip them in the adjacent stairwell.

I type this from a spacious farmhouse in the suburbs. My years of waiting for love were relatively short lived as I married young. And my little baby, who just woke up from his morning nap, prevents me from baking more than a little (for now).

Still, I can’t help but pursuing fragments of that life I imagined  for so many years in the everyday. I tap into it by listening to music while I cook, gliding around my kitchen, planning dinner party menus, and making press pot coffees in the afternoons.

As you can imagine, I’m thrilled to report that without any effort or manipulating on my part, it seems we may move to Europe to study French within the year. I keep pinching myself at the thought of it. Isn’t it incredible when even seemingly childish ideas of how your life would be, ideas you entertained in your youth and let fall aside somewhere along the way, enter your world years later and become a reality?

My heart is beating a little faster in 2014- I believe it’s going to be a year of longings realized.


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