Paper Moon

Being a mother is the most beautiful gift I’ve been given and could even imagine receiving in my lifetime. I’m humbled by the fact that I, at least for a long period of time, am mostly responsible for my son’s education and introduction to this great big world.

The environment I create in our home will no doubt be profoundly influential as he’ll spend virtually all of his time there until he is in school. Though I am guilty of ascribing him with more complex emotions than he’s capable of feeling right now (an example: when he cries Iworry that he’s upset with me for “X,Y,Z”…When really, he’s probably just hungry, tired, or has a soiled diaper), I do believe he can pick up on moods in the atmosphere, and soon he’ll really understand what’s being said. 

I’ve noticed that I’m much more cognizant of words and even sounds since the tiny king’s (that will be his name on this blog) arrival. I’m by no means perfect at this, but I’m trying harder than ever to speak positive words – to him, about him, and about others around him. I’ve also spent a silly amount of time developing musical playlists for him, both to indoctrinate him with what I deem “good music”, and to make our environment as upbeat and peaceful as possible. I keep them playing nearly all the day long breaking only for “wave sounds” and “forest noises” to help him drift to sleep.

My grandfather introduced me to jazz when I was a very little girl, regularly sending personalized mixed tapes with fun songs from the Big Band Era that reminded him of me. I hope to develop a list of songs that for whatever reason remind my of my tiny one. In keeping with my grandfather’s pasttime, we’ve been listening to a lot of fun jazz these days. The king’s favorite song of late (…there I go putting words in his mouth and thoughts in his head again…) is “Paper Moon” by Ella Fitzgerald. He especially enjoys when I pick him up so we can dance to the beat together.


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